The Birds Are Chirping My Name

boy-tree4I have five delightful grandchildren. Three of them live in Colorado; I don’t get to see near enough of them. My other two grandsons who are six years old and twenty months I see often. Any day they come over feels like a celebration. As much as possible I set aside daily responsibilities when they are here.

My six year old I call bug, shortened from love-bug. One day Bug and I were playing quietly in the backyard and he said to me, Grammy, I heard the birds chirping my name. Don’t you love it! I now listen for the birds to chirp my name. I have found grandchildren to be the most delightful little creatures. When it gets down to it, I can’t think of anyone I would rather spend time with than my grandchildren.

Bug has taught me how to play again. We play hide and seek, inside or out whatever he chooses. I find myself saying, now what do you want to play, as if I were a carefree child again. He is out growing our pretend games, which I will miss. Bug and family lived with us for a year. When I was too tired to play he came up with The Leah Game, why Leah I don’t know.. We could play in my bed or while sitting in chairs. We would pretend we were going on a car trip. Sometimes the mountains, sometimes the beach. We would make sure we had everything we needed and off we would go. I would point out the scenery and say things like, “oh, don’t you love the smell of pine trees.” Or, “can you see the ocean yet.”

As if Bug wasn’t enough he has a little brother, Levi James. Levi is twenty months old. He is more fun than a barrel of monkeys. He has blond curly hair and big blue eyes. He looks just like his dad did at that age. He was standing in the kitchen with his back to me and for a moment I was transported back twenty eight years, he looked just like Sam. I normally get Bug and Levi on Saturdays while their mom works. It seems every week Levi has something new to say. A few weeks ago it was “I did it” as he maneuvered his toys. Last week everything was NO. He helps me with my chores, handing me dishes out of the dishwasher, or loading the washing machine one item at a time, like his brother at that age he loves to push the buttons.

Last summer when in Colorado I spend literally hours with my eight year old granddaughter Juliet reading a series of books called, A Series of Unfortunate Events. I read until I was hoarse. I spoke to her the other day and she said she was waiting for me to pick up where we left off on our next visit.

Juliet’s little brother is Liam. Liam was three when we last saw him. He was not your typical three years old. He runs with the big kids. Every day I took a walk, maybe a mile and a half. Liam joined me on his two wheeler bike. No stroller for Liam! This is the second winter he has been on skis. He has snow white curly hair that had not yet been cut. When conversing with him you would think you were talking to an eight year old. Fascinating little guy.

Liam’s big sister, our first grandchild is Ella, she just turned eleven. A bit on the serious side. She has such confidence. She has been playing the fiddle for a number of years now. She and Juliet are members of a fiddle club. When they perform Ella is usually front and center because she’s a star. Last summer the girl just had to do kart wheels. She had such control that even the neighbors allowed her to do them in their homes.

As stressful as life can get, it all falls away with a dose of grandkids.

The next time you hear the birds chirping see if you can hear them calling your name.



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  1. Adrian Adrian says:

    Hi Nancy,
    You never told me about your Grandma Jane. She sounds wonderful, what a gift ! I like what you said about her ” investing in you ” and being ” available to you. ”
    I want to be those things for my grandkids. And no wonder you love to bake.
    I am so excited to be here in Colorado with the family.

  2. nancy k says:

    I love the stories of your grandkids Adrian….have I ever told you that my Grandma Jane was the most influential person in my life? She died when I was 18, but she left me with so many memories of singing, baking, playing cards, dancing around the room to sound of music and just being available to me. She was a strong believer, and although we were not raised with any faith in our home, she took us to church with her whenever we could, let us light candles, and sit quietly. We observed the woman she was, prayers in her chair each night, her prayer book, holy water, and just lived out her faith. She never had a “talk” with me about the Lord, but I knew that she had something so special, that when she died, I set out to find it.

    Incidentally, I never remember Grandma combing her hair, or fixing herself up in the mirror, to make sure she looked a certain way. She was just Grandma…fun, silly, and invested in me.

    I know that you are making those times and memories with your grand kids…you are so tickled when you get to have them! I’m praying your time in Colorado goes well, and you come home with lots more stories! Enjoy!

  3. bafryer says:

    Adrian, your blog is so beautiful, uplifting, full of life, full of caring, full of honest and poignant moments of such heartfelt experiences. You’ve helped me start my day with an uplifted spirit. You have a gift for sharing that is inspiring.

  4. Adrian says:

    Barbra, How good to hear from you. Thank you for your kind words. I think of you on your journey often. Thanks for taking the time to leave a note.

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