Church Ladies

I have been given the most amazing opportunity to write a chapter for a book, Sacred Suffering, along with some other women. We are sharing our trials and life experiences in hopes of encouraging others.

I tell the story of the trials  with my sons drug abuse, Brian’s stroke and my own personal struggles…… for me it feels like parts of my story are a “tell all.” The book was released this week. With the release  I am becoming increasing anxious about exposing myself. At the time I was writing it felt inspired and I didn’t really question why….. It has been on my mind lately why parts of my story that I would rather not tell could be encouraging to some.

As a young woman and even a new Christian I had this preconceived idea of what a Christian woman would be like, maybe a bit like the Saturday Night Live “Church Lady “she dressed funny and was always saying, “why isn’t that special “I was sure they were all exceedingly  dull, not the least bit stylish and out of touch with the world.  I just knew we had nothing in common. I was so wrong. Like me, they love Jesus; we love studying the Bible and we all have the same spirit living in us. I grew to love the church ladies; no one can love on you like the church ladies. I now envy the church ladies who were never ensnared by the things of this world. But don’t misunderstand me, the point is WE  church ladies  come  from all walks of life. God doesn’t favor a specific type of women, He favors any woman who loves his son Jesus and has accepted his sacrifice for their sins.

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