My Supermen

Well as I told you before I have the privilege to keep watch over my two guys, my husband Brian and my dad Jerry. Tonight I feel so inadequate. They both seem to be fading, my supermen…… I feel like I should have the kryptonite, but I am merely human. Neither has an appetite, oh if only I were a better cook?

My Brian has his lows but eventually he rises again, it’s been such a long time since he has rallied. He is only 66 my superman, I miss him so, he sleeps much of the day and night. Our world is getting so small. I feel distant from friends because we are so limited on what we can get out and do. Oh Lord wasn’t there someone more worthy than me to care for these two giants among men.

I will tell you I am second to none in a crisis. I am the patient advocate extraordinaire. You would think that is what I was born for it. I am so commanding the docs take my advice. I am sure I have saved both Brian and Jerry’s life several times in their life threatening extended hospital stays.

It’s in the day to day I feel inadequate. In crisis I run on adrenalin, in the day to day I let down and my energy is low. I think I settle in to their energy level.

On a whim I purchased an unlimited exercise class for six weeks. I love to exercise but haven’t been able to get started, if I keep this commitment we will all be better off. A little voice in my head says, whenever I make a commitment someone has a crisis. Never the less I will be showing up with my out of shape self to have some fun. Exercise is my happy place. I will let you know how it goes.

Anyone relate?

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  1. Adrian Adrian says:

    Susan thank you for the reminder of what a privilege it is to care for my two guys.
    Your beautiful words bless and encourage me.

  2. SuZan says:

    How precious the Lord has defined you from the beginning to caretake His two sons during their most challenging times when their bodies can’t rally where their Soul’s thrive. It is you that brings peace to their hearts that they are indeed looked after and not abandoned and treated as a burden as many treat one another today. Likewise, it is them that is offering you the opportunity to show your true colors of love and devotion … a rare gift shown today. The world is blessed by such patience and devotion. Gratitude to the testament of your fortitude in Life …

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