adrian5Hi there, my name is Adrian and I live in Orange County, California with my father and my husband. I have two sons and five delightful grandchildren. I also have two remarkable daughter-in-laws. A perfect day for me would always include grandchildren.

My husband Brian and I are part of a team that brings church to a retirement home.

I enjoy studying the Bible. I can spend hours chasing a thread through the Old and New Testament.

I cherish my family and friends and love spending time with them.

A friend recently wrote me a note, in it she says, “I love your transparency, it has a huge impact on others. It changes the hearts of others around you.”

So here I go keeping it real with you in hopes it ministers to you and to me.



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  1. Adrian Adrian says:

    Oh I didn’t forget you sister, just waiting for the right time to introduce you. xox

  2. Mrs. Murphy says:

    I know you have alot on your mind with the new blog and all but you forgot to mention you have one sister.

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